HeidelbergCement undertook obligations to achieve high level of sustainable and long-term development being guided by three fundamental principles in this field: ecology, economy and social responsibility.

We recognize that environmental protection and careful attitude to resources are the guarantees of our further development since entrepreneurial activity of our company is based on recovery and usage of raw materials.High ecological standards of Germany are the yardsticks of HeidelbergCement activity at all target markets. Ecological safety precautions come along the whole manufacturing process. Principal directions are: air purification, recultivation of pits as well as curtailing of power consumption by means of waste recycling and recovery from other branches of industry. In Kazakhstan our company introduces common climate protection and occupational safety standards just as in Europe and America.

The company brings in a major contribution to improving of living standards by observing the laws of the country and being fully engaged in social and cultural activities at local and country levels. 

We are committed to building on sustainability by key points summarised in the HeidelbergCement Sustainability Ambitions 2020:

  1. Giving highest priority to occupational health and safety: HeidelbergCement strives for zero accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses
  2. Protecting the climate: HeidelbergCement works continuously to minimise its greenhouse gas emissions and delivers solutions for adaptation to climate change.
  3. Delivering a prominent positive contribution to biodiversity: HeidelbergCement aims to establish a leadership position in the development of biodiversity at its mining and quarrying sites.
  4. Working for sustainable construction: HeidelbergCement works to deliver sustainable building materials, which positively contribute to the welfare of our society and to our environment – during and after their lifetime.
  5. Using waste as a resource: By viewing waste and by-products as a resource, HeidelbergCement minimises the use of natural resources and offers solutions for sustainable waste management.
  6. Further reducing other environmental impacts: HeidelbergCement aims to be best in class in managing and minimising its environmental impacts.