24 April 2017

НeidelbergCement in Kazakhstan launches serial production of oil-well portland cement

The plants that are part of the НeidelbergCement Group in Kazakhstan produce a wide range of cements: general-purpose and special-purpose grades designed for specific purposes.

One of the important and perspective areas of our activity is the production of oil-well cements which are used in the oil and gas industry for cementing casing strings in gas and oil wells for protecting against groundwater.

I G-CC-1 oil-well portland cement is produced at Shymkentcement plant. This cement meets the requirements of GOST 1581-96 Oil-Well Portland Cement; Technical Conditions. Besides, Shymkentcement is the only cement producer in Kazakhstan which has obtained an official accredited certificate that confirms that the oil-well cement produced by the plant fully meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API specification 10A: API well cement class G, HSR).

In 2016, CaspiCement plant started serial production of I-CC-100 oil-well portland plain cement sulphate-resistant for moderate temperatures.

Such cement also fully meets the requirements of the effective GOST 1581-96 and is used for cementing oil and gas wells at bottomhole temperatures up to 100°C (high-temperature wells).

European standards, advanced technologies of our production and strict quality control at our enterprises allow producing high-quality products for oil and gas companies. Our oil-well cements can be used for plugging deep oil and gas wells under difficult circumstances under the high temperatures, pressure and sulphate or other corrosion.

Our company employs technical support specialists for close cooperation with consumers of our products; they are ready to provide the necessary advisory support for the best application of our cements.

We hope that our oil-well cements will be in demand in the oil and gas industry and fully meet the high demands of oil producers in Kazakhstan.