18 August 2016

HeidelbergCement MangystauMarathon was held near CaspiCement plant

HeidelbergCement MangystauMarathon was arranged and held by CaspiCement LLP with the support from the Oblast and regional authorities.

The event took place on August 14 near the plant and was timely coincided to 50th anniversary of Shetpe Village celebration and the Builder’s Day as well. Krzysztof Burek, the General Director of CaspiCement plant, initiated and encouraged the marathon.

The competitions included trail runs at distances of 10, 25, 50 kilometers and a 50-km bicycle race. In total  106 persons took part in the marathon and bicycle race. One could learn all details and register to participate in the marathon on its official website. Sport fans from various regions in Kazakhstan, as well as from abroad: Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Poland came out to start.

A general meeting with all participants was held on the marathon’s eve, where they were instructed in detail on complexities and specific features of each distance. The sine qua non to receive participant’s package and admission to the contest was the absence of medical contraindications, supported by written statements of participants that they were aware of possible risks for their health and confirmed their personal liability for their health and physical fitness.

The marathon participants in each distance were divided into several categories: men aged 18-35, women aged 18-35, men aged 36+ and women aged 36+.

An awards ceremony followed the end of the marathon. Three winners in each category received cash prizes and certificates. The absolute winners received TV-sets as the main prize. In addition, all finalists were awarded with original medals that had been fabricated of concrete using cement produced by CaspiCement.

Besides promoting a healthy lifestyle the marathon had a charity purpose. The total amount collected for participation in the marathon and sales of t-shirts, was doubled by the company and then spent to purchase school supplies and backpacks for orphan children and those from lower-income families. Aid was provided to 26 children in total.

HeidelbergCement MangystauMarathon is the first and unique sporting event of such level in the Mangystau Oblast. Many people were delighted to be able to participate in these competitions, and a lot of good reviews and photos were published in the social media and Instagram under the hashtag #mangystaumarathon.