CaspiCement is a new cement plant located in Shetpe village of Mangistau region in Western Kazakhstan.

In November 2013 the new plant produced first clinker. And in early July 2014 CaspiCement was officially opened during a teleconference with the President of Kazakhstan.

CaspiCement plant is a unique production in the post-Soviet countries. It is one of the first plants in the world where dry chalk is used to produce clinker. Production capacity is 800 thousand tones of cement per a year.

The new cement plant is very important for the western region of Kazakhstan, where the oil and gas industry requires large amounts of cement.  Before there were no cement production there, and cement had to be imported from other countries. Now, the new plant, being the only cement production site there, can cover the rising demand for cement, and also export to the neighbouring Caspian countries.

In addition CaspiCement plant is a great contribution to the socio-economic development of the region. About 400 new jobs were created and housing for 110 employees has been built. The company also modernised the railway station at Shetpe. Total investment to the new plant amounted to around 200 mln Euro.