Bektas group

Bektas Group produces and sells aggregates: crushed stone, sand, and crushed stone-and-gravel mix required for concrete production and roads construction.

Operating plants at quarries are located in Almaty and Astana regions. Production capacity of both quarries is 600 thousand tones per year.

Our product is unique in its properties with its bulk weight being 120 kg/m3 and strength being 1400 kg/m3. With such performance of the product it is possible to produce high-grade concretes with low bulk weights, which will allow reducing the load onto foundations in constructing high-rise buildings and, at the same time, increase the reliability of structures and save materials.

Prodused materials are certificated in the "Kazakh Certification Centre" and satisfy the requirements of safety and quality, which are fixed by International Standards. Also all materials produced by Bektas Group are certified pass both daily labour testing and regular testing in the independent laboratories.

High rates on quality, and most importantly, on the stability of quality is achieved due to European equipment and international standards by which we operate.

Mr. Sergey Pchelintsev

General Director
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76, Zhibek Zholy ave.,